Virtual Reality Media

CaponeVR makes VR-Media easy. With our experience in creating VR-Media applications, we are your perfect partner. Virtual tours, 360° / 180° videos, 3D movies, livestreams, we can do it as web or native solution. Online as well as offline.


The choice for virtual reality solutions

We founded CaponeVR to create stunning virtual reality solutions. Keeping it simple and being intuitive as possible to customers and users are our principles. This way we differ from others and excite with our solutions.





Live VR Content

Live streaming is no longer a big deal today, except VR live streams. Several problems arise:

  • What content has to be streamed?
  • How should it be recorded (180°/360°/3D)?
  • What hardware and software is needed?
  • How does the whole process look like?

Regardless of your needed stream-setup, CaponeVR makes it easy!

If you are planning a live stream, we will be delighted to advise you on your current project in every step.

Or you have a running VR live stream setup already and want to make sure it is easy to watch: Aks us and start offering it the comfortable way for your audience!




Our product


CaponePLAY includes all features you need for your VR-Content and more!


  • Headtracking
    Headtracking for every type of format and device
  • Controls
    Eye controlled using headtracking
    GearVR Touchpad
  • Content formats
    regular 2D, 180°, 180°x2 (front & back), 360° & 180°
    also in 3D using Red Cyan, Side by Side (SbS) or Top Bottom (TB)
  • Live streams
    HLS / MPEG-DASH live stream support
  • VR Devices
    Google Cardboard (Homido VR, VR One, Vrizzmo, etc.)
    Samsung GearVR (coming soon)



  • Encodings
    All regular browser compatible  & platform-specific content
    Mp4, Ogg, Webm, Mov ...
  • Device-specific content
    Chooses automatically the device compatible content
  • Bluetooth (app)
    Supporting bluetooth devices like gamepads
  • Copy protection
    No downloads using streams
    Protected client / server communication & more
  • Integration
    Only one script for supporting all VR devices


Native VR

To gain maximum performance and support of all possible devices out there, we offer native apps for every system:

  • Ios
  • Android
  • GearVR (coming soon)
  • Daydream
  • Oculus
  • Vive
  • Windows VR

Depending on your target market, we create the perfect fit for your needs.








Crossplatform, instant availability and integration possibilities are the huge advances of webVR.
Excite your customers with convinient experiences without the hassles of installing Apps or PlugIns. We would be pleased to show you whats possible today!





Knowledge Base

Optimize your vr content

VR content has to be optimized to fit the requirements of each device.

Content made for virtual reality has to follow the four main devices/systems used today:

  • Desktops with Oculus Rift / HTC Vive / etc.
  • Samsung GearVR
  • Android Cardboard
  • IOs

From Desktops--playing the highest quality you can make out of your raw material--to Google Cardboard and iOS devices that aren't as powerful, the content always has to be optimized to fit each system. Besides the VR-systems, an optimized file will save band width and storage costs.

Optimizing the content for each system with the highest possible quality and smallest file size is not a simple task.

Our experienced team will be happy to advise you in optimizing your content! Contact us!